Water: A Moekko Fable

Drop Falling into Water

A man, forever thirsty, came before two waters in the forest. One was a shallow well that collected water from rain that came from clouds that travelled everywhere; the other, a deeper well that sourced itself deep from the untouched earth and gave water fresh and sweet tasting. When the man drank from the shallow well, he withdrew fast in great quantities and swilled to satisfy his thirst. When the man took to draw from the deeper well, he needed but a sip to find satiation, and knew that the water was not like any other. The man made himself a home near the two waters and returned frequently, insatiable. When the man wanted quick drinks and drew from the shallow well, he would eye the deeper well and kick dirt into it, and told himself that it was not good. One day, an old man who saw his habits asked him: “Why do you take from one but soil the one that could quench you at once?” The man had no words. He heaped dirt into the deeper well, covering it completely, then said: “This water is not good. The other is the one I want.”