Just a Little Boy


He wants everything

He wants nothing

He doesn’t want to think about you (me) anymore

He wants to think about everything but

He wants love to come to him

He wants to start anew

He wants to see you (me)

He doesn’t want to see you (me)

He wonders how you (I) are (am)

He sees your (my) hands holding another’s gift

He wants it

He doesn’t want to want it anymore

He wants you (me) to forget

He doesn’t want you (me) to forget

He wants your (my) talent for himself

He wants to think of himself

He wants to think of you (me)

He’s a little boy who wants everything

He’s a little boy who doesn’t know what he truly wants

I’m but a little girl

You’re a pretty lady

He’s but a little boy

A stubborn little prince

He fights to love us not

He doesn’t want to be seen

He wanted to be lost

He wants to be found

He wants to find himself

He runs away and closes his eyes, opens them to see in the mirror a mistake

*I want and have happiness myself :)*