Lady of the Night

the-beauty-of-geishaRecently I had decided to dress in a simple blouse and a matching pencil skirt for work. Because the blouse was rather low cut, I had inside a buttoned shirt. Upon seeing me out of the dressing room, Akira, the manager, became displeased and asked Ling-Ling, one of the servers, to tell me to discard the shirt I had underneath before I greet clients. I complied, but not without some disgruntled grumbling and puffy cheeks ()>.<(). Ling-Ling knew I was trying not to be so revealing, so was kind enough point out some dresses we have that might fit my preference. I decided to keep my blouse on, but was aware that it was very low and loose. All throughout the night I kept an upright posture and had my eye on my reflections to make sure the blouse did not accidentally slip off in inappropriate areas. It was tiring, but at least I had proper form!

I have also been getting requests from clients. Although clients can put in specific requests, it is usually the case that the chi-mamas assign the girls randomly to whomever they see fit. Therefore, it was strange how I kept getting requested by clients. I was told that apparently I was somehow different than the other girls. Perhaps it was due to my lack of makeup and style of dress.

Last night I had two clients. The first was a well-to-do realtor who was part of the Medallion Club. He was actually in the top 1% and proved it most eagerly by presenting to me his business card. Throughout the night he kept showering me with undue praise about everything he could lay his eyes on or find out about me, from my face/body to my mannerism and personality. He thought me more pleasant and intelligent than the other girls, which I felt was too hasty a judgment. He had the most intense gaze of all of the clients I had so far, and unfortunately it fell short of being engaging and achieved only creepy. Interspersed throughout his praise was a rather depressing account of his personal and work life. Sadly, it was another cliché: He was lonely, stressed, overworked and in desperate need of female attention, which I believed he tried to seek through me. He gauged my interests in him most enthusiastically, either directly (e.g. “How do you feel about dating me?” “How about a movie on Monday?”) or indirectly (“You must be able to get all the guys you want, right?” ”What are you looking for in a man?”). At one time, he asked me to sit closer to him and proceeded to slipping his hand on my thigh. I deflected all of his advances by emphasizing that I was a student and reminding him subtly of our supposed 15-year age difference (I acquiesced when he guessed my age, which was significantly younger than my real one, and maintained it throughout our time together). When he failed to extract a desired answer from me about his sexual appeal, he resorted to offering me a job as his personal assistant and promised me a decent starting salary. According to him, I was attractive enough to do the showings and draw in customers, and would be able to help him retain customers in the competitive, back-stabbing market that is real estates. My words could not do justice to how uncomfortable it was to hear him drone on and on about my appeal, which I felt he did in a way that was excessive to the point of being disgusting. As awful as it sounds, all the time while I was smiling and responding in the most pleasant way I could muster to his inappropriate advances I wished for his quick departure. He bragged about his clean criminal records (@_@;), six-figure income, fit physique, etc. in ways aimed at convincing me that he was a great catch. I do not remember how much time had passed only that I was relieved when he finally realized that I did not share his enthusiasm. He then became anxious and asked for his business card returned to protect his anonymity, as he was worried that if somehow words slipped that he had visited us it would ruin his squeaky-clean reputation as a top realtor. I assured him that his confidentiality would be respected. He then started worrying about the bill – which was strange considering his high income – and was relieved to find that it was much smaller than he had anticipated. After paying by cash, he left a rather large tip for me, though unfortunately it was collected by the server. He requested my name and schedule before leaving and promised to visit me again. I admit that I do not look forward to the prospect.

My second client was a middle-aged man who specifically requested for me. Being a former English teacher back in Japan, he was pleased that I was fluent in English and proceeded to conversing in the language. After I came to him he explained that I “stood out” amongst the girls and that I had an “atmosphere around [me]”. Perhaps I was still too affected by the last encounter, but I took an immediate liking to the gentleman, who was pleasant and talkative. I stayed with him until way past his usual bedtime,  and before he left he promised to visit me again. I was glad that I ended the night with a decent client.