Lady of the Night

geisha-lovely-face-girlWe had quite a few 外人(gaijin) clients recently. Although, technically, they are not 外人, we still refer to them as such out of habit. Regrettably, the Caucasians that visit us are very much of the stereotypical Asian-seeking type. Admittedly, some were decent and treated the girls well, but the majority – at least of the ones I have seen so far – were downright lewd. Ami-san assigned Rina, a girl with a pixie-style haircut and a bright disposition, and I to a rowdy group comprised of various East Asians and one Caucasian. The latter was polite at first and was surprised that I spoke fluent English. I spent most of my time attending to the Japanese client and his Chinese friend, who, for some reason, took an immediate and rather obsessive liking to me. He was a bit drunk, so I would sooner assume that to be the reason for his attractions rather than my own qualities. Several times he would try to grab me, but I evaded his advances as politely as possible. Whenever he tried to wrap his arms around me, I would duck and make small jokes about his drunkenness. After a while, he started referring to me as his “funny girl” and introducing me to other clients as his “younger sister”. He was manageable to a degree, but I was more concerned about Rina, who spoke modest English yet was the unfortunate target of the most immodest attention. Rina had a neon-pink shawl to cover her bare shoulders as she only had a tube dress on, but it kept getting pulled off by the Caucasian, who proceeded to steal kisses and dirty pinches wherever he could catch the poor girl off guard. I kept an eye on her, but could not do much in lest of offending the customer. Throughout our time I would reach out to her and ask “大丈夫?” (daijoubu?), to which she would always cheerfully reply, “大丈夫!” She was well aware that the Caucasian preferred Japanese girls, and knew that her poor English only further excited him. Despite having her hands full, she actually managed to look out for me and took all of my shots. I was very grateful but also grew more worried as the clients’ conduct became increasingly baldy. Eventually the chi-mama assigned me to another group of clients, and I ended the night with them, but I was worried about Rina the entire time. Before I left the original group, she was exchanging numbers with the Caucasian client. I silently prayed for her. It was not until another week had passed when I finally saw her again. She greeted me with a bright smile and an enthusiastic wave. I asked her about the other night, which she dismissed with a cheerful reply. Being a lady of the night, we both knew the dangers and risks that come with the work. I truly like Rina, who, in my eyes, shine inside and out: She is a girl with a lovely complexion that she accentuates well with glittery makeup, and her smile is telling of her bubbly personality. Her warmth is contagious and I could not help but feel for her. I left secretly vowing to do my best to protect the other girls better and sincerely wished for Rina more decent clients.