Our Happy Equation: Home = Together x (You + Me)!

Into your ear I whisper my secret bliss:

“I wish a cute new room

Full of sunshine rays that shall softly kiss

Away the cheerless gloom.

It shall bring hope to my heart,

Funny tickles to my tummy.

To my hands it shall impart,

Warmth while I make you a yummy.”

I keep my search – such a travail!

Oh, grant me a view that can make me smile~

Give me your passion – without fail!

Oh, and meet my compassion with no guile~

I wish my love a home, a happily ever after,

I see your eyes, formed my belief:

I shall brave your heart, in innocent laughter,

So off I go, waved bye bye to grief.

Into your heart I am moving:

Time will tell if our beautiful promise is worth keeping.

Into my heart you are moving:

Time will tell if our days will grow more sweet with nurturing.

Our hearts are our new homes, and the happy equation is: Home = Together x (You + Me)

Hand in hand, come what may!

We shall work to pass all tests, and the secret equation is: Home = Together x (You + Me)

To earn the right to forever stay.

In this welcoming warm world we shall freely roam

Be it ever so humble, we call it our home, sweet home~



  1. Trash Dummy says:

    hey, i love your blog so i nominate you for Leibster Award —–> http://maxwellmunchhausen.com/2014/08/06/its-the-leibster-award-batchez/



  2. Chibimoekko says:

    Oh, thank you! I’m still a newbie so appreciate this confidence boost 😃


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