Your Perfect Girl

anime-girl-in-loveI put on my best dress

Peek at the time

Tick-tock my needles

Tick-tock my heart

Our first date has finally arrived!

The time walks in beats

Across the street you nod

Like a dream you walk to me

Rays of gold spilled all over the road 

I refresh my lip gloss and fix my hair

My beauty is for your eyes only

I like:

The confidence in your walk

The sincerity in your eyes

Softness in your expression

Childishness in your smile

I believe:

There will be no one better

I want to ask:

What makes your perfect girl?

Will you save a place for me?

How I wish to know:

What makes your perfect girl

Oh, my beloved boy

Stop being a stranger

Stop giving me drama

Upgrade our friendship

Stop making me wait~