Burlesque is Sexy and Makes a Girl Foxy~

Burlesque-Sailor-Chibi-Moon-550x605Echoing my earlier post, “Burlesque is Sexy but Hurts like Crazy” https://chibimoekko.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/burlesque-is-sexy-but-hurts-like-crazy-2/ I have been feeling the repercussions on my poor feet >.< Even though I have become accustomed to wearing heels – something I once thought I’d never get used to before I returned to working as a midnight lady – these ones in particular are still quite a challenge. Nevertheless, it really is liberating to know your body more through the form-fitting moves. I am still using shadows to help me practice, and have found the silhouettes to be a very fun and playful form of performing art https://chibimoekko.wordpress.com/2014/07/18/shadow-play/ Admittedly, I am still very much a shy little kitty, but the sensual dance truly does make a girl feel incredibly sexy~.^ On this note, this little kitty is hoping that the new classes she will be taking will help her achieve the grace and elegance that mark the dance that is Classic Burlesque Style~!