School Starts~! (My bento lunches for this week)

sumomo_00395006School just started for me this week, and it has been extremely busy~! I’ve already cut down my late-night hours to once per week during the summer, so hopefully it will be manageable. Not only am I taking classes and doing reseach/work during the day, but I also have Burlesque lessons at night too, all of which excite me very much~.^

On the other hand, I have made 弁当 (bento) for my lunch this week. As always, health and taste are the two main features that I strive for, but I have also taken to aim for aesthetics. They may not look much in the photos due to my amateur photography skills, but do look a lot better under the natural sunlight though!

牛丼、温泉卵、野菜、煮干, 漬物 & 玄米 Beef stir-fry, hot-spring egg, lightly-sauteed veggies, salted baby sardines, pickled radish, and brown rice
牛肉照り焼き、野菜、キンチ&玄米 Beef teriyaki, lightly-sauteed veggies, kimchi and brown rice

Chibimoekko will ganbatte~!