Seductive Siren or Vivacious Vixen?

Miscellaneous_Anime_006Lady of the Night: I believe I mentioned this before, but my clients have commented on my voice and have been requesting for me to sing. I still have not “sold” my voice yet, but am considering to add singing to my repertoire – the only challenge is which one to choose out of so many that I love? I once considered doing an anime song – I love Studio Ghlibli! – but unfortunately that will only spur on the Lolita fans in our clients, so perhaps that is out of the question. Lol, will I be able to add “songstress” to my job title?

He told me how he loved my voice and that it made him smile whenever I lay on the bed or couch just smiling softly and singing sweet songs~

12828801987864Burlesque: The class has been absolutely awesome! We’re doing neo-Burlesque, and I love the way how we’re made to feel/act like “sexy vixens”! My legs are full of fresh red bruises, but they will fade and so well worth the pain to learn the new moves~ Can’t wait to try them out, meowie~.^

He begged me to dance with him. Feeling impish, I placed his kryptonite – a candy – into his palm and told him that I would once he ate it. He swallowed it and I obliged by allowing him the privilege of giving me a quick twirl-and-dip on the dance floor~