Lady of the Night

geishaSo far I have had two dismissals from clients, and both of them I found very amusing. The first one I have to admit I was to blame as I was so giddy with excitement and happiness over something that transpired during the day that I was in no mood to entertain clients. That, and the fact that he spoke in broken and heavy-accented English, made me even less motivated to receive him. He was an older man around his late forties. Ling-Ling told me later that he was a strange one who comes once every few months and who would always spend a great deal, ordering champagne and the most expensive services. I started by inquiring him about his occupation, which was actually part of our culture’s proper etiquette, but he considered it rude to ask and it was not until the very end that I finally realized this. I thought he replied saying that his career was something “bad for the girls”, so teased him and asked whether or not he was in the human-trafficking business (which, in retrospect, was not a very good inside joke either). Dumbfounded, he shook his head. I immediately asked if I was to be dismissed; he waved so I happily cheered off my drink and returned to standby. He soon left, and I could sense that he was disappointed in the visit, but I simply could not care less then. I remember specifically that all the time I prayed that I would not have any clients that night so that I could stay in my little tipsy bliss. If I remember correctly, I had a half-dazed smile while constantly checking my phone too – and I hardly ever use my phone when on duty. Golly, in retrospect, I must have blended myself in and looked so silly~! However, I remember that I was just so excited that I could not contain myself. I guess I should be more mindful as I was at work… >.<

My second dismissal was similarly fast. Kiki and I were called to serve a couple of clients – an East Asian and a Caucasian man – who were sitting all by their lonesome without any company. However, as soon as we came the East Asian man waved us off. I asked whether or not he wanted anyone else, and he looked around and replied curtly, “only beautiful girls”. I laughed and said, “of course”. Kiki was infuriated and called him an “@$$xxxx” after we returned to standby. I admit myself I was a little put off by the rude remark, especially since the Caucasian did not have any say in the matter, but I knew fully well that I should not expect all clients to favor me. If anything, I felt the injustice more for Kiki, who speaks English quite well and is a beautiful personality. Kiki and I then used the momentarily idle time to do a mini English lesson. I found her an eager and motivated student. Meanwhile, Kayo-san, one of the new chi-mamas who replaced Mina-san, was curious and returned to the clients several times to ask why they would not take girls. Later, she and another (new?) girl started servicing them. Ling-Ling told me, again, that they were strange clients and to pay no mind to them. I thought it was funny, and did not notice that they had left until we were called by new clients. Thankfully, the latter was a very nice group of elderly gentleman, one of whom was a high executive for Sapporo Ichiban and who tipped us most generously afterward. I ended the night in a good mood and happy that I was able to pay for the ever-expensive and budget-extorting textbooks with the night’s earning~