Lady of the Night

389749He came back again to see me. I was tired from working all day and had neck pains, so was very distracted the entire time, which concerned him. I could not bring myself to entertain him due to the pain. Thankfully, he was very tolerating and told me to simply relax, as he was an easygoing client. Despite everything, he stayed with me until the very end and offered me a ride home in his new jeep. Seeing that I was cold, he turned up the seat warmer for me. The seat was soft, warm leather – something my aching back desperately needed. Being the heat-seeker that I am, I succumbed to the warmth and fell asleep. In my dreams I felt someone gently taking my hand. The movement was cautious, as if testing how I would react. I was so overcame by drowsiness that I relented. I knew not how long it was that my eyes were closed, but only when they were open, his arms were around me and his head softly nestled on my shoulder. As we were in the front seats, you can imagine how awkward and uncomfortable his posture was, yet he never made a sound, nor made any movement in lest to disturb me in my sleep. “Princess Momo (Peach)”, I was to him. I bit my lip and gave in. After all, he was a client, and I was but a girl of the night.