A Warm, Rustic Dinner with a Bruised Intestine(/Pxxxx?)

IMAG0398My friend and I decided to host a cooking-party night on the weekend. We went grocery shopping and came home to cook pretty much everything we bought all in one pan, consecutively. It was probably not the best idea to go shopping with two hungry tummies as that made utterly everything in the store look absolutely delicious – even the blueberry sausage that we would have otherwise passed off in our sane moments looked tasty in its raw form! – but against our advanced-degree students’ better judgment we did. I was the one who first noticed the lonely sausage sitting ever so innocently in the meat aisle. We both thought it looked “interesting”, what with my thinking it looked like a bruised intestine, and her a bruised unmentionable. After a split-second’s contemplation my friend proceeded to grab two to put in our cart. Guess there’s no regret to shopping on an empty stomach >.^

We started off flavoring/seasoning the pan with onions then proceeded to put in the blueberry sausage, green pepper and baby potatoes. The blueberry sausage was surprisingly good. The casing and the grape seed oil I used helped preserve the juice, which went well with the pototaes and green pepper. After we finished the dish, we went on to cook, in the same pan, the marinated Greek-style drumsticks, tomatoes and baby potatoes. The tomatoes and baby potatoes were charred (which gave it a smokey, bold flavor) and picked up the onion flavoring from the pan to become delicious alone without any additional seasoning. I love the way how we did not need to use any salt to derive flavour simply by using the onions and the marinated sauce from the chicken. We finished off the simple four-course meal with mint ice cream, green tea and great conversation 🙂

This was my 幸せ(shiawase) moment of the weekend. I look forward to the Thanksgiving weekend that is to come! Hope you all had a lovely weekend too~