Lady of the Night

200px-Anime_PrincessA question I get asked by practically every client I’ve ever had is this: Why are you working here? They understand that most of the other girls have no choice but to seek employment at the club, but I do not seem to be in the same situation. It is neither the money nor the alcohol that attract me, and the entertainment there is hardly enough of a reason for me to stay and put myself through all the experiences of being a lady, not to mention the inappropriate advances of the clients and the additional social pressure I have to endure simply for being “different”.

They all asked me the same questions: Why? Why are you with me? There are decent guys out there. What on earth is a good girl like you doing with a hound dog like me?

Why would I not be with you? Stop doubting my feelings. They are nothing but of the purest kind. They only wish to love you. Oh, how I wish to love you, my beloved familiar stranger…