A Small Act of Friendliness

girl-babycute-little-baby-girl-with-smile-hd-wallpaper-cute-baby-face-zwknevnzOn my way to wash my utensils after lunch, a friend whom I have not seen in a while saw me from afar and waved warmly at me and smiled. I did not even notice him at first, given our distance, but his noticing of me and his shirt made me recognize him. His warm gesture brightened my heart up so much. He is actually one of the nicest individuals in the area, I feel, and I have liked him plenty ever since I first met him.

Now, you may wonder why I feel this way given that it’s more of a courtesy act. However, this is considering that many people in our department have a tendency to ignore others in different areas/labs. Ironically, despite our discipline, a lot of individuals in the department are not very sociable and would go to great lengths to avoid social interactions. Furthermore, this friend of mine had gone out of his way to do something for me when I first entered the program, and, unlike some others, have continued to be friendly and genial over the years. Therefore, I tend to associate him with positive experiences, so when I saw his smile today, it immediately lifted my spirits.

Therefore, smile on and be friendly, everyone! You never know how much your small act of friendliness can mean so much to someone 🙂