Tamagoyaki For You~!

marutake1Note: My phone is in repair, so all of my original food pics are temporarily inaccessible. I take no credit in the making of the above pic~

In the first 弁当(bentou) I ever made for you I made my own version of 卵焼き(tamagoyaki) – a simple blend of cinnamon, honey and brown eggs fried in my tamagoyaki pan. Later, that night, you told me, with emoticon tears and emphasis, that my cooking is amazing and how you’d eat anything I make. You have kept that promise. Every time I come in you would still eat the goodies I brought with a smile and a compliment. The last time, even though you were so full with the sweet bread, you still ate my yam bread and told me how the cranberry jam complimented it.

Do you know? I’ve upgraded my cooking repertoire to include so many other things now. In the past few months, I have invented new recipes, such as curry congee, onion-fried chicken and pudding cakes. I have been planning the bentou dishes that I will be making you. I smile, knowing that you will find it absolutely spectacular. I guarantee that it will be like nothing you have ever had before. I cannot wait to have you eat my yummies again~ 🙂