Waiting for You

girl_waiting_2-1024x768I like how I’m able to talk to you about anything and everything. Nothing under the sun is too awkward for me to bring up, for me to ask, and for you to patiently answer. I like the way how, when I have my little moments, you would smile and call me cute. I love the way how you indulge me. I love being spoiled by your love.

Those times were so blissful that they made me forget about tomorrow. They made me think that this happiness would last forever. I did not want to think about tomorrow when you kiss me.

You became a stranger that day, a stranger who no longer cared about my tomorrow. You became lost.

But, guess what? I heard a voice from afar, a voice telling me to believe in you. That voice came from your heart.

I can’t remember how long has it been since I last heard about you. I miss news about you. Missing those updates, so very much. How are you? I wanted to ask, but I was so afraid that tears would come rushing out as soon as those words part from my voice.

You’re still you, you know that?

I still want you.

You know you still want me, too, 馬鹿 (baka)~

Courage will make you find your way back to me.

Love will keep me in patient waiting.

I’m still waiting. I’m not her, so I wait in smiles, not in tears~


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