Lady of the Night

kaoriGiven the nature of our business and the statuses of the girls, turnover has always been fast. Every week, we gain new girls to replace the old ones we’ve lost. Over the past few months, all of the old chi-mamas have been replaced by new girls. The latest two chi-mamas are now Hitomi-san and Mai-san. We’ve also gained a couple of new star girls, one of whom is called Junna. With her well-defined features and excellent make-up skills, she is definitely presently one of the most beautiful girls around. Despite her tanned skin, her skin condition is actually quite good, which I believe is attributed to her young age.* When I first saw Junna, I had a feeling she would soon become very popular and that had been the case. Within a few short weeks of working, she rose to one of the top spots and quickly became one of the winners of the summer bonuses. I worked with her and Aki to serve a group of Chinese clients before, and noted that she is very receptive and friendly to clients.

I remember that particular time when we worked together, two-thirds of the men at that group were sadly going through relationship difficulties. One man just lost his long-time girlfriend to a middle-aged man she met at a local club. Apparently, one night, she went clubbing and met this older man before coming home the next day to announce their separation. Needless to say, the poor man was heartbroken, especially since he had paid for all of their expenses to bring her all the way over from China. He had planned to marry her one day and paid for all of her finances, from housing to schooling, only to have her left him once she felt more settled here. Another man was in a dilemma in which he had fallen in love with his ex-girlfriend’s friend. They had separated earlier because his ex-girlfriend had no ambition and who, despite being in her late-twenties, still could not finish her college degree and is still fully dependent on her parents and then boyfriend to support her partying lifestyle. He supported her for three years until he finally could not bear it anymore and broke up with her. Later, he found himself falling in love with one of her friends, but has been hesitant because the girl was concerned with his ex-girlfriend’s reactions. I listened to their stories and tried to be empathetic, and both men were open to sharing. Both of these men were overall well-mannered, but unfortunately their single friend, who apparently had remained single for all of his life and who claimed to not care about girls, was a different matter. After downing a few drinks and had us girls join them in a drinking game (I remained steadfast to refusing alcohol), he turned the game into a bit of a lewd one that involved air kisses and started asking Junna and I to join him after work for a late dinner. He talked about us in Chinese, as well, to his friends. He paid no mind to Aki for some reason, and kept commenting about the physical appearances of Junna and I. I also overheard how frustrated he was becoming that we, “the cute chicks”, would not join him after work and how apparently he had wanted to take us home. I translated what he said for Junna and Aki and warned the former to say no at all costs. At one point, he slipped his hand onto my thigh and tried to caress me. Thankfully, I was wearing compression tights underneath and shielded the sensitive areas with my hands, so did not suffer any disgrace other than having to endure for a brief moment the disgust from having my hand touched by an unwanted man. Eventually, I got them to pay the bill, hoping that they would take the hint to leave, but they lingered until after closing time. The lights turned on, signaling to the clients that they should take leave. All of us girls lined up near the exit and took our bow: ありがとうございました!(Thank you very much!) That told the clients that our time as ladies was over and that the night has come an end~

Note: Apparently the girls are aware of the effects of working at the club would do to their skin. Given the late-night hours, the work conditions, the stress, the (second-hand) smoke, and the alcohol, many of the girls’ skin conditions would quickly worsen, which may partly explain their need to put on heavy make-up. However, as make-up generally deteriorates the skin condition even further, it really has become a vicious cycle. Thankfully, the other saving grace is that the lights are quite dim, which help to conceal the facial flaws.