The Good Samaritan

good-samaritanOn my way home on Tuesday I was approached by a young British man who claimed to be a student from my school. He asked for $20 for fuel as his car was out of gas. I had no money, save my card, so he showed me how to use the ATM machine and I lent him the cash. We exchanged names and numbers. I did not ask for any other info and just decided to trust his promise that he would call and return the money. I know that it was rather naive of me to do so, but I wanted to believe in the goodness of humanity so acted on my faith.

Unfortunately, a few days later, I had to report this incidence to the police. Although the money was not a great amount, as a student, it still made an impact. The police told me that I was a good Samaritan who simply got taken advantage of by a bad guy, and told me to be more careful in the future. I feel disheartened hearing this, because of all the evil on this planet that we need to protect ourselves from and fight against. The awful, awful things people would resort to and inflict on others make me feel rather cold and lonely at times.

Yet, for some reason, I don’t want to stop believing in the good – for, without hope and goodness, what else is there to live for in life?