Pet Peeve about Parents

confused kidParent: “What do you want for dinner? Pick something.”

You: “


Parent: “No, we’re having miso soup and rice.”

You: “…”

Do your parents ever do this to you? They would ask you for your opinion or input on something, even though they’ve already made their decision. It’s like they’re dangling a treat – which, in this case, is the power to make decisions in the family – and then teasing you with it, but never letting you have it. They would ask you what you want for your birthday, planting a seed of hope, anticipation, and excitement, and then after they find out what you want, they would slam you down by telling you the bad news that you’re getting NOTHING or something boring like a dinner at your local Denny’s. It’s awful. It’s esteem-destroying. It’s sadistic. It’s evil. Why do parents do this? @.@

batmanSeriously, it’s this double-bind approach that could very well led to the “splitting of a mind” for a fragile child!*

P.S. I learned from an early age to not take my parents seriously and instead just answer any and all questions with an apathetic “whatever”, but still…

Note: Double-bind theory is not viable to explain schizophrenia, but is just used as an analogy in this case 🙂