My Appreciation Journal: Day 88


I want to focus on me: I want to be stronger. I want to love and be loved. I want to be blessed. I want to be successful. I want 幸せ (happiness)~ 

I am grateful for my friend who bought me the little Totoro~

I am grateful for my friend who offered me a place to stay.

I am grateful for my friend who freely offered a stove for me to use~

I am grateful for a good work shift today.

I am grateful that I was able to start on the lecture.

I am grateful for the peace and quiet today.

I am grateful for having hope for the future. I know I am okie now, but I will be better than ever in the near future 🙂

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for wanting me.

Thank you for accepting me.

Thank you for us.

I just want you now, tonight, and forever~



  1. I am also grateful you have all those things in your life and a thankful spirit to be grateful.
    I hope life continues to bless you.

    Paulette L Motzko


    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you. I appreciate your kind words very much. May we all be blessed 🙂

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      1. 🙂
        I meant every word.
        Paulette Motzko


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