My Appreciation Journal: Day 92+93

ab3c958c10883f450b52de4e0861bb58 I want to focus on me: I want to be stronger. I want to love and be loved. I want to be blessed. I want to be successful. I want 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the family time this weekend.

I am grateful for the yummies that filled my tummy this weekend.

I am grateful for the rest.

I am grateful for the peace and joy I received from hymns today.

I am grateful for the friendly and polite exchange I had with my landlord when paying rent.

I  am grateful for all the cleaning efforts done today~

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for opening up to me.

Thank you for growing up.

Thank you for our communication.

I woke up from a delicious yet awful dream about you earlier; it scared me, but I remembered quickly that dreams are usually the opposite of real life, so it made me really happy that you would be wonderful in reality. Oyasumi, my love. Hold me in your dreams tonight and snuggle me silly~