Do You Ever…?

largeNee, do you ever wonder

…why it feels so wrong without me?

…why it takes so little of me to fill you up?

…why you could never help yourself when it comes to me?

…why you always have the most lovely and powerful visceral reactions for me?

…why you get confused about me?

…why you had to stay away?

…why you had to protect me from you?

…why you lose control with yourself?

…why you pick up pieces of me in you?

…why you go so crazy for me?

…why you thought me crazy to do the things I do?

…why you could never figure me out?

…why you are so nervous yet so happy around me?

…why you never seem to get enough of me?

…why you always become such a バカ (baka/fool) before me?

…why you regress to a little boy in front of me?

…why you want me to hold you that day?

…why you want me to be your little kitty?

…why you love me in your dreams?

…why you lust for me during your day, even at work?

…why you kissed me when you should not have?

…why you could not explain yourself with me?

…why you see me as both an attractive woman and a little girl?

…why you made yourself into such a monster for me?

…why you broke every rule you ever set for yourself for me?

…why you want me so much that you had to go through such lengths to make me yours?

…why you went against your morals, your beliefs, your ethics, to have me?

…why you can never be free of me?

…why you had to have me?

…why me?

What is it about me that made you so?

I pose these questions as my birthday gift to you~

Tell me the answers as your truth to me.



  1. Really enjoyed this. Be sure to check out my page!

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you~ It’s just what my beloved familar has been doing 😉 I see you have lots of thoughts on relationships~

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