Totoro’s Cookie Fortress: No-bake guilt-free cookies

20150217_140013I’ve been trying to finish off the stocks in my pantry in preparation for the move. With only three ingredients and a hot plate, this is what I’ve managed to come up with today 🙂


Centrepiece: Chibi Totoro that my friend bought me

Fortress: Five dark choco whole-wheat cookies

Garnish: Dried cranberries, white chocolate pieces, sweet mini mandarins

Location: The sunniest window of our building at school

Taste: Chewy texture, semi-sweet

Health benefits: Fibre, low sugar/fat, magnesium, iron, vitamins, etc ^o^



Whole wheat flour

Milk (I used goat milk)

Cocoa powder


-You can add your own sugar if you find dark chocolate too bitter/not sweet enough

-You can add eggs to emulsify the batter and to add moisture if you’d like

-Vanilla extract is also optional 🙂


1) Mix all ingredients together to form batter, which should not be too wet (I usually eye ingredients and do not use any measuring equipment, but if you use the simple 1:1/2:1 ratio you should be able to get the right consistency. You can add nuts, dried fruits and more dried ingredients to form a dough, but I wanted a pancake-like batter for the sake of my makeshift kitchen)

2) For crispy cookies, oil and heat the non-stick pan in medium-low heat

3) Spoon the batter and drop in pan. Add on batter in the center/same location to ensure that the cookies will naturally form into round shapes when you increase the size

4) Flip the cookie when you achieved your desire crispiness on one side and continue until both sides are at your desired crispiness

5) Plate and decorate/garnish~

20150217_135819The tartness of the mandarin pairs very well with the bittersweet dark chocolate ^o^