East meets West: Korokke-style Meatballs + Parfait

I had a super fun cooking date with a friend this weekend where we made parfait and meatballs. My friend was kind enough to allow me full use of the kitchen (and available ingredients) and to act as a sous chef to cater to every one of my culinary whims 😉 We made everything while dancing to AKB48’s 恋するフォーチュンクッキー (Koi Suru Fortune Cookie). I’ve been a “bad” influence on my friends by introducing them to this song >.< Its happiness is surprisingly contagious and addictive~

The meatballs were Japanese-inspired (korokke-style), so had potatoes and onions in them.


-Yukon potatoes

-Ground beef

-Onions (diced)

-Seasoning (I used italian, sea salt and thyme)

-Flour (I used whole wheat)


-Milk or water


1) Boil potatoes until soft and mash them with the beef and onions. Season with herbs and salt

2) Make an egg wash with milk or water

3) Make the meatballs and dip them first in egg wash then flour. This way, you do not need to mix in breadcrumbs with the meat

4) Heat up the pan with plenty of oil and fry the meatballs until brown~ I sped up the cooking process by flattening out the balls my friend worked hard to form, lol~


They look like mini-burger patties, no? ^o^

IMG_0853Next was a East-meets-West style fusion parfait~! Each layer was homemade (right on the spot!) except for the yogurt, which was store-bought 😉

The first 3 layers only after setting in the fridge for 30 minutes


-Fresh blackberries


-Fried cookies (re: https://chibimoekko.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/totoros-cookie-fortress/)

-Almond tofu

Apple sauce

-Cocoa powder


1) Layer the glass with blackberries and cover them with yogurt

2) Next, place a cookie on top of the yogurt

3) Top the cookie with the homemade almond tofu

4) Apple sauce goes on top of the tofu

5) Cover the sauce with cocoa powder and slivered almonds

Ideally, you should allow each layer to set before adding the next layer, but as we did not have enough time before our night out, we had to add each layer quite quickly.

IMG_0859It was my friend’s first time having homemade almond tofu, but apparently it was a hit~ Cheers~!