My Unlawful Landlord Part III: The Surprise

changeofownerAfter the last confrontation with my landlord and his wife and cousin where I disclosed the fact that I had been aware of his illegal activities, he has left me in peace for the last month. I am very grateful for the peace and civil exchanges between us over the past few weeks. This strengthened my belief that as long as you are persistent in your civility, you can affect others and soften them as well as the situation: Good begets good. Even if you are met by evil, you should always strive to give better.

This past week, on the day when I found my dream suite, my landlord suddenly contacted me asking to discuss an urgent matter. I was wary of the contact, but decided to return it and was told that after much deliberation of their current situation, he and his family has decided to sell their house. Apparently, they have been having financial difficulties and could not keep affording the high mortgage. All these years my landlord has given off the impression that he is well-off. I know that he has a mortgage on the million-dollar house he built personally for himself and his family, but many apparent factors point to his wealth:

1) He is a well-known doctor in the community

2) He frequently flies out of the country for conferences, visits and holidays

3) His house, which is of his own design, is worth at least a million according to the market price of the area and throughout the last couple of years he has made various luxurious updates such as mini-bar, entertainment area, and air conditioning

I expressed concern and understandably he was reluctant to discuss his financial situation in much details given that they were personal, but I know that he is telling the truth as other parts in the conversation matched up. Plus, because he personally built the house in a location near his own practice, it would definitely have to be a dire circumstance that he would be forced to sell it. The decision to sell had been made quickly and viewings from the real-estate agents are imminent, which was the reason for his sudden contact. The viewing should not disturb me much – if at all – as thankfully I have found a place and will be moving quite soon though he does not know this yet and thought that I would stay until at least a few more weeks.

Coincidentally, I was told of this news right in the middle of the second visit/viewing of a suite that I had earlier considered and whose owner liked me so much that they reduced the rent twice in an attempt to keep me. Yet, the twist was that right before the call the owner slipped and let known that it was another illegal suite. I had kept this suite in consideration given it hit several of my requirements, and the owners seemed very nice, but something just didn’t feel right, hence my delay in returning to confirm the lease. Immediately upon finding out I told them I needed more time to think about it, and after talking to the owner who told me that she would do the same thing my landlord did to me last month within one year I thanked her and left, telling them I would keep in touch later. I was glad to find that soon after I left, they emailed to tell me that they decided to rescind their offer of tenancy and that they would keep the suite unoccupied for one year to pass the inspection before renting it out (it would be illegal, but at least they would pass the inspection!).

Everything happened all in one day, and I could not help but think about how my landlord got into the situation. Perhaps people may say that it is karma, as he is now paying the price for the things he did to afford his current house, but I also feel that this was the Lord’s way of leading me to my ideal new home, by weeding out the bad/unsuitable ones, and keeping open only the one good for me. Remembering earlier that I had ill thoughts (I have to admit, at one point, after the upset from my landlord’s threats, I thought about leaving the aged goat cheese behind to allow its foul smell to permeate the suite >.<) but refrained and returned to relying on my faith and gratitude, I wonder how it might have turned out for me had I sustained the thoughts and even acted on them.

I look forward to my new suite and know that with the new home, comes fresh beginnings and many wonderful things. Praise the Lord for this blessing 🙂