My Appreciation Journal: Day 127

indexI am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the pleasant sleep and fantastical dreams before waking up to sunshine and homemade breakfast~

I am grateful for all the cheerful msgs I received today

I am grateful that I have people ready to help me ^o^

I am grateful for the swift packing and moving into my new home (everything was moved out of my old suite and into the new one~!)

I am grateful for the offers of help to move

I am grateful for my parents for helping me move with their van~

I am grateful for the (surprisingly!) pleasant interactions with my ex-landlord. He hosted a baby shower for his wife today, and opened his house for a big party. After I finished moving/cleaned up the suite, I asked him to come down quickly to do a quick viewing. He had a few drinks (came down with a beer in his hand) and was in a good mood and told me that I just needed to do a quick little repair and he’ll take care of the rest. He even gave me a hug, told me I was a good tenant and praised me in front of my mom~ Wow! @.@

I am grateful that my new washer/dryer are now fully functional! The plumbers have been too busy all week to come and hook up my new home’s laundry, and today I was even told by my landlord that they would not be able to get it done until Mon; however, when I dropped off my last load today, I found out that they made time especially to come by and finished the installation~ Yay~! I love my brand new FL laundry – so spanking new that the stickers and tags are still on them T.T

I am grateful for my new landlord’s help and his accommodations. As it’s a brand new house, the finishing touches are still ongoing and he has been very pleasant about them~

I am grateful for the delicious home-cooked dinner today

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for offering me a place to stay before

Thank you for being concerned about me

Thank you for initiating contact

Thank you for our loving relationship

I’ll have my new home all cleaned up and ready soon~ When it’s done, won’t you drop by so that I can make you all your favorites: tamagoyaki, souffle cheese cake, yakisoba, apple crisps and more? I’ll go to sleep tonight happy that I’ll soon be able to make you food again 🙂