My Appreciation Journal: Day 137

dream-spring-2012-so-beautiful_1920x1200_96962I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for waking up without the aid of man-made devices to natural light~

I am grateful for the plentiful rest~

I am grateful for catching the late-night bus home yesterday on time. I was quite late and thought that I would have missed it, but I started counting my blessings for the day and believed that I would make it to the bus and that the bus driver would be that sweet old lady; sure enough I did, and the bus driver was the lady~! She always wishes everyone well when they get off the bus, so I like her very much 🙂

I am grateful for catching the express bus on my way to school~

I am grateful for having enough food at school to eat today so that I didn’t need to pack anything~

I am grateful for the unexpected, but welcomed company in the lab tonight ^o^

I am grateful for my friend’s contact – he saw my FB post about my phone and msged me~!

I am grateful for being able to give the custodial lady candies today as thanks 🙂 I saw her when she was cleaning the bathroom and offered her some, to which she said she appreciated them very much~

I am grateful for reading about how love is the most powerful thing in the world: I want to fill my world with it, starting with my desktop so I changed the wallpaper with this one~!

I am grateful for being allowed to participate in the intervention coaching~!

I am grateful for having a charger ready in school to charge my phone when it masochistically started draining its own battery too quickly again by overheating, lol~

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for our loving relationship

Thank you for our intimacy~.^

Thank you for your gentleness, your experience, your smiles 🙂

I went home last night wishing to see a sign from the universe about our love, so I asked to see your name, the one I call you with, and not the one that everyone else uses. Guess what? It appeared today in one of the websites that I check frequently – and people rarely leave names on it – and in a story whose ending I know will one day be ours~ ^o^