On Having to Read “Strategies and Techniques to Maintain Sexual Desire” with Parents in the same room

indexSo I had to read and present a journal article for class, and the topic of the week to which I was assigned happened to be all about the gories glories of sex(ual dysfunctions). Ironically, being the only one from our school who’s not studying this topic I just happened to be “randomly assigned” to it. The one week when we finally “sexed” the readings up I got pushed to the forefront. Yikes >.<

Yes, it was for the name of science and they were all empirical journal articles, and I would not have made such a fuss about it had it not for the fact that it was during the time of my move. After all, who could appreciate the readings when your parents were walking around in the same room and you needed to read all about the different ways to building eroticism and sexual desire in the bedroom and the hot and heavy details of a case-study couple where the wife was having an affair and the husband was addicted to XXX sites? Despite their limited English, I still felt compelled to minimize or close the ppt and pdf whenever my parents happened to walk by the computer.

The worst moment was when I had to google related images to put in my ppt and my dad, in the same living room, decided to play a hymn on his iPad for the entertainment of my mom, who was in the kitchen (it’s open-concept)… I felt like I was desecrating the Lord. (T.T)

NOOOOOoooooOOOOOOoooo >.<

When you grow up in a traditional household like mine, you get conditioned to avoid all topics with even a taint of “yellow” like the plague. I remember growing up whenever we watched movies together as a family I would automatically run into the kitchen for snacks or the bathroom for a break whenever scenes turn a bit X-rated. It is a very repressed topic in my family, but in all honesty I cannot say that I would rather have grown up in a more liberal family where I could watch “Shakespeare in Love” openly with my family without cringing in extreme awkwardness. On the plus side, it does make for very interesting conversational topics amongst all my colleagues and friends in the sex lab @.@