Love knows no (height) difference and cares not for it ^o^

loverheightI remember seeing this post from one of the FB groups I follow and immediately thought of us. Your height is typical for a model (~6.1ft), whereas mine is that of a petite’s (~5.1ft). According to the chart, we’re represented by the couple on the top right, the “passionate/courageous huggle” (there’s a play on words in the original language). We’re about 30cm apart in height difference, but you love me for it. True, being so tall you’ve had your share of shorter girls, but I know I was and still am different to you in every way 🙂

I know…

I’m the only one you ever felt natural picking up like that. All I had to do was raise my arms and you’d automatically lift me up to where I want to reach. Most of the time, you could not help but pick me up and hold me in your arms so that you could stare at me (and drool, lol) and shower me with your kisses~

I’m the only one you have ever gave piggyback rides to up and down the stairs~

I’m the only one who has ever flung myself into your arms like that when I see you opening the door to welcome me

I’m the only one you have ever played “peekaboo” with… especially when I had my Disney sweater on >.<

I’m the only one you have ever “snuggled” with~

I’m the only tiny moekko you have ever had, which means that the way how I position myself when you hold me is unique~.^

I’m the only “little girl” in the world you could not help but feel attracted to despite ethics, morals, everything against…

Do you know why?

That’s because you love me~

…and I love you, too. I love your “modelesque” height, but guess what? Even if you’re short, I would still love you too, because true love sees past all the physical differences, and mine is true ^o^



  1. agili says:

    Very emotional and touching. Thank you for sharing . Huggles , Agili


    1. Chibimoekko says:

      I appreciate your sentiments so much, thank you 🙂 Big huggles back~!


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