10 Ways How I Love You (10 Ways Why You Could Never Do Without Me)

kitty_and_puppy_cat_dog_animals_hd-wallpaper-15876771. I know where to rub you in all the right places, even the ones you think nobody knows~.^ With the magical touch of my paws all your stress goes bye-bye~


2. I never ever let you sit in front of your TV, with your plate on the coffee table, eating alone, because we cook together and have real, proper meals with plenty of leftovers to fill your tuppies with so that you can bring them to work as lunch next day. You work at a high-paced environment, so you need to have healthy, filling meals, especially since you eat them in divided portions~

kitty kissing puppy

3. I admire, appreciate, and accept you for all of you, no matter who you are, where you have been/from, and what you did. I have forgiven and forgotten all of your hurts, and remember and feel only love, gratitude and happiness toward you 🙂

laughing kitty

4. I always have a smile for you, because that is the sunny effect you have on me~

cleaning kitty

5. I “clean up” your world, physically, spiritually, mentally and romantically, because my love does not add burden, but rather freshens you up and invigorates you~Plus, I am an amazing closet housewife, lol~


6. I refuse to have you ever becoming lost again, because I will find you, wherever you are, especially if you ever get stuck in your dark places – I will find you and lead you straight home to me~


7. I wake you up in the cutest possible way you can imagine~ In fact, you get to wake up to your very own Moe-Kitty every morning, because who does not want to wake up to this every day of their life~.^?


 8. I understand, read and fit into you like no one else can~

kitty kisses puppy

9. You will always have me to lick your wounds and to give you a huggle when you become a boy-pup again, because inside every man is a little boy and, darling, you do that sometimes when you are with me (and only with me~.^)


10. I will always be your home and I will always be by your side, through thick or thin, rain or shine because, most importantly,


with me, you’ll always have someone who loves you completely, absolutely, unconditionally – that is a promise worth keeping ^w^



  1. So adorable. I love it!


    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you >.< It makes me really shy, but I want to be more open about how much I love my him 🙂


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