f34c12091472d1ad47ef3b21c9331c5bBefore leaving yours, I struck a pose as I walked past your mirrors

Hand behind my head

My meagre attempt at being “sexy”


I was wearing my red Disney sweater~

Yes, that XL-sized, fleece red monstrosity with Winnie-the-Pooh and the gang as its print on the front

When I turned around

You already banged yourself into the wall from laughing too hard

You laughed so hard you had to cling to the wall to walk toward me


Your laugh was contagious so I burst into one too ^.^

We laughed at each other and with each other

Nee, you had some funny looks when you modelled too:

That Inuit-parka photo-shoot you had to do for a brand downtown

With eyes small due to your huge grin,

Peeping out of that furry parka hood

I still remember~

No, I won’t share the real photo in my memory~.^

Just the contrast of another against an aspiring model kitty, lol~


Just remember that

You laughed/crashed

Into a wall

For/because of me (ノ>▽<。)ノ