My Appreciation Journal: Day 163

smart kitty

I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the restful sleep. I decided to stay in bed a little longer to recover from the fatigue since last weekend >.<

I am grateful for waking up to the cherry msg from my fire-fighter friend telling me he has returned from his trip~! Judging from the timeframe, I’m quite sure he had me on his mind – how sweet 🙂

I am grateful for a friend’s contact in an attempt of “trying to go out [with me] again”, despite it causing some confusion on my part. He’s the one who I believe had just broken up with his girlfriend only months into the relationship. I remember because I recorded it in my journal how joyous I was for finding out he had entered a relationship, for 1) It meant that I can just be normal, platonic friends with this guy who has had an apparent crush on me ever since he knew me despite being several years junior and while being aware that I had/have someone, and 2) he finally found someone with whom he can share his life. He made a huge announcement on FB and I “liked” it just before I left for Japan. I never considered the time when I had been out with him as dates, especially since we only met for dinner and I had always been careful to maintain a polite physical distance from him, so I’m not quire sure where this statement originated. Nevertheless, I am grateful that he wants to be friends again and just hope that he is not reinvigorating his previous romantic interests for me~

I am grateful how efficient I was able to use my time today! For example, this morning I was able to pick up carrots from the store while waiting for the bus, which came right after I came out~! The buses alternate on weekends, so I used the time while waiting for the right one to do a quick grocery-shop 🙂

I am grateful that I got extra discount on the carrots! It’s organic too~! I remembered my membership card and I think that’s why I got the extra discount~! $1.29 for 454g of organic baby carrots~! What a good deal 🙂

I am grateful for finding the computer all safe and sound after the power shut-down 🙂

I am grateful for finishing my final paper for a course~! I’ve been working on it for weeks now, and finally felt (more) comfortable of submitting it.

I am grateful for my professor’s encouraging and speedy reply to my submission~ She has been so kind, and in my submission, I mentioned to her how I felt towards her accommodations:

“Not one day goes by that I do not remember your kindness and concern for me…” ^o^

I always try to remember people’s kindness, no matter how big or how small, for they remind me to be kind to others 🙂

I am grateful for the yummy and healthy lunch and (pre)dinner today with lamb, carrots, eggie, veggies, bread, and milk oatmeal porridge~

I am grateful for coming across two very interesting posts today, which amused and inspired me during my respite from studying

I am grateful for the great studying session today during which I was able to get through some substantial materials~

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for our loving relationship

Thank you for your kindness

Thank you for overcoming your own personal doubts

Nee, I’ve been a very studious kitty today. Won’t you reward me with some snuggles and kisses tonight? >.<