Craiglist Ad for Our Stolen Van

My parents’ run-down, broken van was stolen last Friday. After getting the details, I decided to make a craigslist post:

This is not the actual vehicle, but practically identical to it except that ours have overt damages~

Dear person(s) who took our beloved family mini-van at [location] last night (April 17, 2015):

First of all, we forgive you and do not wish you any ill. Perhaps you are down on luck and became desperate last night. Perhaps you had an emergency and needed a vehicle. We do not know your motive, but it does not matter, because we trust that you had an imperative to take our run-down, broken van. (Please note that the picture we have displayed is not our vehicle, but just to show its make/model for easy recognition, as ours are clearly damaged on the exterior.)

Our grey-coloured van had a dented door on the right, and a faulty engine that could run down on any time. We tried our best to keep it functional, but we know its time is near.

We hope that you would be able to get somewhere safe before the engine stops running completely — because it did several times for us before while we were on the road, even a few times on the highway. This makes the van very dangerous to drive, so we hope you do not run into any accidents and injure anyone or yourself. We only still drive it because we do not have the funds to purchase another car, and this has been in our family for many years. We have been very careful driving this car, and know well when it needs rest, but you do not, which makes it unsafe for you and others.

There are hardly any valuables in the car. The computer monitor — the only thing that seems to be of value – in this vehicle is also broken. However, we do have a bag full of teaching tools that we hope you would be able to return to us. They are of no use to you, but important to my father’s work. We would appreciate if you could kindly return them to us.

If you need help with your situation, we would try our best to help with whatever resources we have. We only hope you would be courageous enough to step forward and let us know. Again, we do not want to issue blame nor do we wish you any ill will. We all need help sometime in our life. Perhaps this time it is yours.


The van’s concerned family