大丈夫?風邪ですか (Are you okie? Is it a cold?)

This past Saturday night was my first time back in two months because I had hardly any time to go in the club. Ami, the previous chi-mama, was also present, but was sniffling and sneezing due to her cold. I heard her sniffles and so “woke up” to pour her tea. I petted her, pulled her shawl to cover her bare legs and shoulder as she was in a tight, mini-dress and directed her to a seat near the heater.


I overheard one of the new girls remarking to Ami about my kindness for simply expressing my concern, and the latter agreed //>.<// Ami remembered that, last year, I stayed late behind to take care of one of the girls who got drunk and ended up sick in the dressing room. She came up to me then to tell me that I was a good/kind girl, which made me feel very warm inside~ What I did yesterday night was something very small and insignificant, and so her appreciation meant very much to me~ To be honest, I think I got the better end of the deal in this behavioral exchange, because what I did cost nothing to me, but what she did warmed my heart in the late of the night when it was so cold that hardly anyone came to visit us~ I know that this is probably a very small thing to remember, but to me every act of kindness counts, no matter how small 🙂