You-you-you’re not getting away this time!

 Getting ready for school;

you, for work~

Fixing my hair by hand only

You came up to me from behind


Admiring my reflection in that body-length mirror

– too short for you but just right for little me –

Checking me out~.^

You hate that mirror

but love to see me in it~

Wrapping your arms around me

Crossing them by my chest

You caught me in the moment when I am in my “素顔” (sugao/naked face*), my most vulnerable (litereally, 😉

Head slightly above mine

Lightly kissing my hair

Taking in the scent from last night

I smile

Smoothing out my sunscreen with my finger

From the other side of the mirror

A loving couple smile back at us~

My morning 幸せ (shiawase/bliss)

Can there be a more perfect way to start our morning routine?

DOK 01 RK0575 01

*Note: In my case, it is my pre-sunscreen state, lol~