My Appreciation Journal: Day 181 (make-up!!!)


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I was grateful for my supervisor who was completely okay with my delay at our meeting yesterday morning~ Thankfully, like all other faculties, he had plenty of things to do so did not mind me coming in later~

I was grateful for the busy yet productive day yesterday~ My first “off” day yet it was still very hectic as I rushed out last-minute applications and registrations~

I was grateful for my friend who also stayed late to finish her work~! Neither of us made a dish, and we were both late to the potluck bringing store-bought goodies, lol~ At times like these, it’s nice to have a friend~

I was grateful for the lovely potluck yesterday with lots of food, including sushi, pastry-wrapped asparagus, veggies, chippies, dips, cheese, crackers, etc~ The conversation was great too, I learned a lot about Saskatchewan – actually, a lot more than I wanted to know >.< I guess I look forward to being taken to visit the world’s biggest perogie, hockey stick and hedgehog museum~?

I was grateful for catching the late bus home. It was just waiting there for me and took me straight to the station 🙂

I was grateful for the soft bed that made me fall asleep as soon as I laid down. I meant to just take a little nap before getting up, but slept right till the morning >.< Thankfully, I did not have any meetings to get to and so was free to just sleep on~

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for our loving relationship

Thank you for your sweet greetings

Thank you for overcoming your fears, your doubts, your insecurities with courage and determination

Nee, on my way home I heard a hymn that tells of how the Lord’s love never fails~ It called out to me, because just as His love never fails us, mine will never fail you either 🙂 I still and will always love you~