My Letter to My Professor

because everyone needs a little kindness now and then~

I had a terrific professor this year who gave me a gift of kindness when I suffered a relapse earlier in the term, for which I am very grateful.

After submitting the rest of the required components for the course last month, she sent me a lovely email to tell me of my final grade. It took me until this week that I was able to send back a reply, because I wanted to word my appreciation properly. What she did for me made a lasting impression, and I promised to pay it forward one day in my reply to her below 🙂

“Hi professor,

Thank you so very much. I just finished all the coursework for this semester and am now prepping for my conferences. I appreciate and thank you again so much for your concerns and accommodations.

Finally, I just want to let you know how glad I am to have taken your course. Coincidentally, around the same time, my former pt-work supervisor introduced to me your website as he knew about my academic background. I worked on a few [area] projects last summer with [my love’s name], whom you may remember from the firm as the talented and hardworking SEO consultant (now manger). He had a keen interest in [my field of study] so mentioned your website to me. He was very professional and always spoke highly of you whenever he mentioned you as a client, so I was very surprised and happy to find that you were the very same professor, which partly persuaded me to take the course.

Again, I just want to thank you again for everything. I had been disheartened this past year not only from my own circumstances but also because of politics in our department, as quite a few students have recently been forced to leave or mistreated by their advisors. Therefore, your kindness really made an impression on me. I am working to get back into the [professional program] and would pass your kindness forward one day when I become a faculty member.

I wish you a very wonderful summer.


[my school name]