My Appreciation Journal: Day 190


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for waking up just in time to leave for my conference trip early this morning~ The best part was that I was able to do so immediately without feeling tiredness despite the little sleep >.< (I ended up staying up late to finish watching that Japanese food show I’ve recently gotten into, lol)

I am grateful for the gorgeous weather today while traveling to another country. The view on the highway was so beautiful that I could not bear to keep my eyes closed to rest for the long day ahead 🙂

I am grateful for the ride from my brother today to the conference. He was very good today to reschedule so that he could give me a free ride. Everyone else in my lab rented and had to pay extra for the gas and despite my missing a part of the conference it was not the important part, which made my delayed and free trip well worth it, mwhaha~

I am grateful to find that my supervisor paid for my registration already!! At first I thought he paid for all of our fees, but I found out that at least one other student was not included in his generosity, because I was looking for him to thank when my friend told me that hers and another labmate/friend’s fees were not covered. She told me that apparently there was some mixup by the conference registration people, so initially I just thanked God for it. However, later, I asked the senior labmate of mine and found out that he did indeed pay for some of our fees so I am grateful for being one of the few upon whom he bestowed his generous act, which I termed, “divine act” when I found and thanked him personally ^o^ What a big softie, having pity on us poor kids 😉

I am grateful to arrive to the conference well in advance of today’s starting presentation so that I could have plenty of time to find a good seat and have coffee and muffins 🙂

I am grateful for my own presentation going relatively well today despite the little prep. People were very interested in my study and came by to offer extensive suggestions and comments. I know I need to clean up the data though!

I am grateful for being in such a beautiful campus for the conference today. The sun graced the campus and made everything so warm, bright and cheerful~ I had time later to explore on my own while everyone else went to go to Trader Joe’s, lol~ I found a lovely little nature trail and went on a walk while waiting for the ride 🙂 I also discovered a few cabins that were around a century old~


I am grateful for the grand buffet for dinner, during which I was served by a friendly sous chef who was very patient with me when I asked for particular items, lol~ He was only in high school >.< I was surprised as he was very tall, but I guessed it made sense since he had a baby face and called the pasta, “noodles”. He was also quite cute, but my first reaction was he was still not as cute as my beloved him 🙂 I have yet to see another guy more handsome than him~.^

I am grateful for the little miracles today. I found so many encouragements from friendly users today, despite it being the weekend. I was surprised to find that the times actually matched the period today during which I felt most grateful to God for my blessings in life. For example, as I was walking through the trails, I thanked Him for a blessing in life, and it was during that time that I received the notifications 🙂

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for our loving relationship 🙂

Thank you for growing into a man who knows what he wants

Thank you for becoming a man who deserves me, the rarest little gem that you could ever find~.^

I was exploring the beauty of the campus today when I discovered that trail. As I walked through the wooden path, I thanked the Lord for our love and breathed in the peace and bliss that He granted. I believe in and love you, always~