Sad Songs are not for Broken Hearts: Random Thoughts

8247912_f520After a broken heart:

You cry, tirelessly

You hurt, profoundly


You loved foolishly

Your tears beckon to the end of the world.

So, you drown yourself in sad songs,

very sad, sad songs

allowing the melody to cure poison yourself

as if a broken heart is not already torture enough.

You did not choose to suffer pain


You do choose for further pain


You drink in sad songs

as your medicine.

In that case, dear,

try to remember not to blame him/her

for your hangover the next day~


Flower 『白雪姫』

*My first him taught me how to listen to sad songs. Like everyone, I would immerse myself in the most pathetic songs I could find and cry as if I only live to cry.

Each note would call to my eyes to shed more tears.

Each word would be chewed only for me to swallow its bitterness.

The very depth of my being reverberated with the grey notes of despair.

I replayed each scene, each exchange to traumatize myself over and over again. Just when I thought I could cry no more, a new tear in my heart would bring about more tears. It was then I realized that girls are really made out of water and I, the desolate, existed only to breathe in and exude desolation.

Crying is a natural mechanism to alleviate pain. We cry when we hurt.

If the purpose of crying to rid ourselves of the pain of a broken heart, why do we insist on hurting ourselves even more by listening to pathetically sad songs? 

This is why I have decided not to listen to sad songs anymore when I am sad.

I refuse to allow their sadness make any more echoes in my soul.

Instead, I listen to happy songs,

think happy thoughts

and count my daily blessings, however small,

to cure my wounded heart with the warmth and gratitude it deserves.

After all, tomorrow is another day for 幸せ~ (happiness)


Flower 『TOMORROW ~しあわせの法則~



  1. I love this and I know where this door is. I happened to have an exhibition with 70 paintings and this door was one of them.
    The place is Called Monsalvat and is the oldest art colony in Melbourne Australia . Thank you for posting this

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  2. Chibimoekko says:

    Oh, I did not know that, but what a happy coincidence ^o^


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