Mommy’s Day Weekend Buffet

It was Mother’s Day – or, as I’d like to call it, Mommy’s Day – earlier this month. Conveniently, we were at the States on Saturday for my conference and so afterward we went to a casino near the border to have its “deluxe buffet”. The timing worked quite well, not only because of my conference, but also because my mommy decided to fast and pray the next day, presumably for my dad’s upcoming trip.

Because it was at a casino, there were smokers everywhere >.< I protested immediately, but my dad was too drawn to the all-you-can-eat snow crab and Dungeness crab, and my brother and mommy simply complied, as usual. Therefore, I decided to make the most of it, despite my curbed appetite and the rather limited selection of food~ Thankfully, the servers and chefs were very friendly, and I did manage to find some items that I enjoyed~ For fun, I decided to take pictures of some of the food I had. I could not remember how many times I got up, only that it was enough to attract the stares from some in the tables nearby~ Like a good little eater, I polished off every plate except for an undercooked meat 🙂






Then, on the actual Mommy’s Day, I stayed over and made her a no-bake, no-sugar banana pudding to get her to try the cinnamon that she needs in her diet. However, she already ate a banana and started talking on the phone. @.@ Little me simply finished the pudding and then hopped away merrily to watch her Japanese cooking show ^o^