Weekend Cooking: Chilled faux-pasta and Souffle with Raspberry Filling

20150517_195041I stayed over at a friend’s this past weekend and made a couple of quick and simple dishes before I had to go in for work. The first was chilled faux-pasta (soba noodles) topped with chunky tomato sauce. I made the sauce at home using cherry tomatoes and olives. Remembering the popular Japanese summer dish, ざるそば (chilled soba) with つゆ (dipping sauce), I decided to flavour the sauce using 味醂 (mirin), balsamic vinegar and olive brine. The sweetness from the mirin paired well with the brine and the acidity of the vinegar whet our appetite upon first taste 🙂

20150517_213254For dessert, we made souffle with raspberry filling. My friend fluffed up the egg whites with powdered sugar while I made the filling and the rest of the souffle. I found cream-flavoured vodka in the pantry and decided to use it, but of course I had to cook away the alcohol first~.^ I added the raspberries to the vodka and put in a dash of honey before taking it away from the stove and into the fridge for a quick chilling. For the batter, I mixed yoghurt with corn starch and egg yolk. Finally, I folded in the egg whites and poured the batter into the muffin tray. The souffle puffed up perfectly and relied mainly on the powdered sugar in the egg whites for its sweet taste. Yum 🙂

We did not have ramekins on hand, so used the muffin tray, which worked and allowed us to “scoop” out the souffle once it was done~

20150517_213604The raspberry filling is oozing out~


It deflated a bit the next day, but still retained its shape ^o^