Lady of the Night

anime geishaI have not gone in for quite a while, with this past weekend being the first in weeks. They needed girls and so I had to come in for both nights~ Ironically, the first night was the quietest I have ever had since I started working at the club; there were so few clients that at one point all of the girls were on standby. A small group strolled in after midnight, and apparently wanted ”セクシー系” (preference for girls of the sexy type). Alice, one of the chi-mamas, came to the girls and announced this. All of us laughed so hard when we heard this, but the clients’ request had to be met, so she started staring us down to determine which one of us may fit the type. With my glasses and a conservative outfit that covered me literally from head to toe, I know that clients would not want me, so I simply continued doodling. Alice quickly determined three girls who wore either form-fitting minis or low-cut, back-revealing dresses and brought them over to the clients, leaving me with Tomomi and Mariko. Tomomi was not in her black mini today, so was understanding why she was not picked, but the latter protested quickly, wondering why she was not picked as she was wearing a bust-revealing dress and was at least as sexy as the one in the black dress. My guess was that her dress was not form-fitting enough, as it was frilly and loose at the bottom @.@ With no other clients, all three of us decided to leave early – until clients started coming in while we were in the dressing room. Alice panicked and even tried to see if I would be willing to drink. I could not help so declined politely and went home~

The second day was quite busy. I had three services that night. The first was an elderly man who was bitter with the economy at the time when he graduated in Tokyo. Apparently, he worked very hard his entire life and felt unjust with how he was dealt. He was nice enough, and tried to teach me some history, haha~ The second was a group of rowdy Cantonese-speaking men who wanted to have fun with the girls here. We recently had a rule change, so could not oblige fully, but they remained high. They spoke Cantonese to each other, but used English with the girls as they knew we only spoke Japanese and/or English. They thought it strange for a “sweet girl like [me] to work there”, and a couple of them were a little eager for female attention, but thankfully they were not lewd. The realtor touched my waist slightly to usher me in. I’m very sensitve to touch, but did not react overtly. My last service of the night was another group of Chinese men in their thirties, one of whom was a responsible chaperon for his two wild friends. They thought me at least a decade younger, haha, and so did not dare to do anything with me, which made for a relaxing time 🙂 Like all the other clients that night, they tried to pass their “wisdom” to little me, and I received them all with a smile. They stayed until closing time, and the responsible chaperon, whose wildest stunt in his life was cycling in the winter and to Whistler, managed to get Tomomi’s LINE contact under the guise of language exchange. Unfortunately, little did he know that this was the most common excuse clients use to get our contacts, haha~

In the dressing room, Tomomi told me that 椎名桔平 (Shiina Kippei), a famous Japanese actor, was still in the club. It was closing time, but he was still with some of the girls and his friends, and was the rowdiest group that night after my second. It was so dark, so I did not get to see him. Despite it probably being the highlight of the weekend, it did not matter to me as it was late and I was aching for food~

As I sat in the beautiful and empty hotel lobby swinging my legs and eating my late-night snack of beef donair and fries (free side!), I thought about how lonely and bored most of the clients who came in seemed~ There was one who came in to drink by the bar and talk to Akira every time I was there (and I rarely go in). He seemed to know all the girls, and when some returned to visit the owner, they recognized him as a former/frequent client. With the way how he played with the girls and the frequency of his visits, I doubt he had anyone to return to at home. The older clients were mainly cynical, while the younger ones were simply bored. It was late, and I did not want to prolong the night any longer with silly romantic ruminations about loneliness, so I shrugged off the thought, finished my food, and went back to my friend’s for sleepy time 🙂