Potato 3-Style #1: Stuffed Bell Pepper Vegetarian Dinner

20150522_204744So I bought a russet potato, but instead of using it all in one dish, I decided to make a variety of dishes with it. Its first use was to become the filling for stuffed bell peppers! Instead of ground beef, I decided to go vegetarian style and made two flavours of stuffed bell pepper.

First flavour is potato and sun-dried tomato polenta 🙂


I sautéed some onions and garlic with the potatoes. For seasoning, I used a herbal mix of sun-dried tomato and basil. Then, I heated up some sun-dried tomato polenta. I halved the bell pepper and stuffed the filling inside one half.

The second flavour is a simple filling of soba-noodle and tomato sauce.

20150522_204856I made chilled soba-noodle and stuffed it inside the other half of the pepper and put a dash of tomato sauce on it.

Finally, I put the stuffed peppers into the oven for 5 minutes on broil~ If you want to have a grilled taste, you can put it in for longer until the edges are slightly charred 🙂

20150522_204716For the side, I had some organic mixed greens and a dash of mayo~ Healthy and yummy ^o^



  1. Thank you for sharing these wonderful food with us. It all looked so delicious ,not only I could smell the flavors right through but I could taste them as well. It was Delicious.

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    1. Chibimoekko says:

      Thank you so much, seahorse 🙂 I remember that you make absolutely lovely dishes as well~!


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