Potato 3-Style #2 & #3: Late-night Stir-fry & Hash-Brown Brunch~

20150523_025206After swilling so much liquid at my night job I’m usually starving by the time I get off, so I made myself a simple stir-fry using half of the left-over russet potato and firm tofu I bought the day earlier~ Simply dice an onion and cut the potatoes into small pieces and fry them up in grapefruit or other vegetable oil of your choice. I try not to use EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) due to the prolonged exposure of heat required to soften the potato but that is a personal preference. After the potatoes have softened, add in the diced firm tofu and cook until the latter is heated thoroughly before serving with whatever spice-/herbal-mix of your choice. I saved a bit of the potato skin and fried it up using the leftover oil to put it on top as both garnish and added crunch~ For myself, I used the sundried tomato and basil again because it was just so good >.< As always, no salt for little me but I didn’t mind a little more fat in the form of good, old butter melting into the dish 🙂

As brunch, I finished off the russet potato by panfrying it, hash-brown style 🙂 With neither a slicer nor a shredder on hand, I simply used a knife to slice the potato and panfried the slices in butter and pepper. For the scrambled eggie, it was panfried in real butter, not margarine~! Organic greens with Hellmann’s real mayonnaise as the second side, lol~