My Gratitude Journal: Day 209

white dove

I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the deep sleep I had. Fatigue really could make the little sleep even better and dearer 🙂

I am grateful for the disappearance of the strange wet bugs from the floor >.< For the last couple of days, I’ve had a spider and two strange little bugs appearing in my home late at night, which had frightened me so. Thankfully, I was able to notice them before beddy time and got rid of two of them. The last one disappeared into the crack by the front door, so I believe it had returned outside 🙂

I am grateful for catching the express bus to school today. Even though I was a little late due to the traffic, thankfully my delay did not impact anything.

I am grateful for the beautiful sunlight finally appearing in the morning this week 🙂

I am grateful for the peaceful shift today

I am grateful for my friends checking on my hotel reservation for my trip next week 🙂

I am grateful for the encouragements I was able to give to others today. It seems that the people around me have faced some discouragements and despite myself I am grateful for still having the energy to help others.

I am grateful for learning about the importance of sleep and focus. I need to not be so stubborn and sleep and rest so that I could work without losing my focus and having all these pains >.<

I am grateful for the janitor lady for cleaning my floor today. She saw my office floor yesterday and came specifically to clean it, bringing the huge machine and her helper. Whereas my friends had to specifically ask her to clean theirs, I never had to ask and she was kind enough to remember mine 😃

I am grateful for the opportunity to practice patience today. I just finished a long and confusing conversation with the woman to whom I gave my pay cheque to last year and who had recently expressed high interest in the air mattress I have offered in the local gift economy. My interactions so far with her, as well as my earlier witnessing complaints made about her from other users, contributed to the qualms I had last week. I had believed that God wants me to practice giving unconditionally and still believe that there is a lesson to be learned, and virtues to be practiced in this situation. I hope that I have kept the peace He wanted and not disappoint Him in my interactions with her so far and especially today:

Her: hi there,what time will you be dropping off air bed at,my niece and her boyfriend will be picking up for me,her name is [name],MY NIECE,if I casn have a time framew pls,,and thanks so much,so I can pass the msg to her,as she is in [location],,and that’s gna be her bed,hahaha,,wen she comes to [location],to stay with me

Me: If you have someone picking it up, then I can do so tomorrow at around 820 near [location]. Hopefully that works

Her: oh ok..i will have to fb her is just young.18. so hope she will be up and bout at that time

Me: If it’s next Tues I can do later

Her: oh no more meeting at [original location].and tuesday.where and what she is coming for she.was just gna stay with her friend.till tmrw.after i heard from u.

Me: How about I drop it off at an acquaintance’s front yard and you can pick it up in the few hrs. I’ll let them know so they would not be alarmed when a stranger opens the front gate. I’ll do it tomorrow and let you know the location

Her: lol,your cute and at what time hun,first is it heavy,,can I meet you at a mutual [transit] station,I can put it in my buggy, im not sure where my niece is staying,she said west end,where ever that is,Im in [city],lol,so I don’t know all the streets,,and such,I can meet you at,say [location],tmrw for 11,say if you drive,,by the safeway parking lot,my cell is [number]

Her: i haven’t heard back from her yet,she has no cell,we chat thru fb

Me: No, it’s not heavy. My schedule is unfortunately not that flexible so I’ll have to drop it off for you to pick up somewhere

Her: ok soon as i hesr from my get in touch with you A.S.A.P. .. thanks so much for.your.generousity.

Few hours later

Her: the address is, [location],go thru the aLLEY,RIGHT ACROSS ,from bus loop,then you will see the Address,nd fence,she said she will wait fior youlbut she will need a time frame pls,and ty

Her: hey i know yohr super busy.i added you to the conversation.qith [Niece].and i also passed the address to u.if u.can confirm to me that you got tx .msg aas im heading to bed

Me: [Name], I asked that you hold this off before I could confirm the details

Her: oh ny then who have i been talking to.if it wS not.yoy

Me: I’m not sure what you mean, but please refer to my last message, as I had said that I would drop it off at an acquaintance’s and let you know the details, as I need to see if they would be comfortable of letting a stranger come into their front yard.

Me: Please also do not share my contact with others without my permission, thank you.

Her: as i said to give you the aaddress of .y i u asked

Her: i never share

Me: No, I have never asked the address of your niece. I was added to a three-way conversation without my consent. Please remove me from it. Thank you.


Her: as id never risk anybody on this site.thats why its callrd the GIFT ECONOMY

Me: I’m afraid I’m not quite sure what you mean. I just reviewed our conversation again, which is documented above, and do not see how it could have resulted in this misunderstanding.

Her: yas i revieded as.well .a d this is not ive een in

Her: its fine [my FB name]…if you are unable to meet me

Me: I’m afraid I’m not available to meet, and so that’s why have subsequently offered [2 locations], and an acquaintance’s, all of which I can simply drop off for you to pick up. If you are unable to rearrange for a pick up, then I’m afraid I cannot deliver either. If you’re not in desperate need of the bed, then I’d like to gift it to another or donate it to charity. I hope you would not be inconvenienced by this.

Me: Please confirm: If you’d still like the bed, please let me know before 8am tomorrow, May 29, and I’ll see if I could arrange for a place closer for you to pick up, as you said you are from [city name]. As I stated on my post, I am a student and do not have a car, so anyone who wants it will have to pick up. If you are unable to do so, then please kindly allow me to give it to another in need. Thank you. Good night.

I am grateful for the restful and peaceful sleep I will receive tonight 🙂

To my him, my beloved familiar:

Thank you for our loving relationship

Thank you for making me so happy

Thank you for appreciating and accepting me

There are so many good-looking men around… yet, no matter how handsome they are, you are still the Adonis in my eyes 🙂