My Gratitude Journal: Day 215+216


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I was grateful for the smooth flight, and the nice flight attendants who gave me extra servings of snacks when they found out I didn’t have enough breakfast (only goat milk and almond powder)

I was grateful for my friend’s parents who generously gave us their luxurious car for our road trip and for being so considerate by packing us water and giving us special instructions

I was grateful for my friend, who packed delicious and yummy snacks for all of us

I was grateful for my friends/labmates, who were considerate of my photosensitivity on the road~

I was grateful for the wonderful road trip with scenic views, delicious food and pleasant comapny

Little town Perth~
My dinner last night: O’Reilly’s pesto chicken crepe

20150603_201226I was grateful for our rooms, which was affordable and functional 🙂

I am grateful for the restful sleep today. I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and despite the little sleep I was bursting with energy today!

I am grateful for the free hot breakfast at the residence

I am grateful for my labmate/friend for waking up so early to drive me to my session

I am grateful for a wonderful “school” day today 🙂

I am grateful for all the sightseeing done today 🙂 I went to the Parliament Buildings, Rideau Canal and the ByWard Market~

I am grateful for the gorgeous weather in the last two days~!

I am grateful for all the free food for the volunteers! Unlike my friends/labmates, who had to pay for theirs, I ended up eating for free all day long 🙂 I rushed through the breakfast buffet at the cafetaria this morning because I only had 5 minutes after it opened to eat if I wanted to be on time, so was still hungry by the time I reached the hotel for my sessions. Thankfully, there was free food for us and I was able to have so much fruits, bagels, juice, tea, coffee (lol), yogurt, and sandwiches to keep my tummy full and happy 🙂

I am grateful for being able to help the homeless people on the foreign streets. While sightseeing today, we passed some people begging on the streets. After I was done for the day, I asked if I could have the leftover sandwiches from the sessions and walked around the city giving them away to the people on the streets who were begging. It took an hour of walking around in the hot sun and I ended up missing the reception and dinner with my friends, but I managed to give all the sandwiches and soft drinks to the people who were hungry on the streets 🙂 My friends thought that I was helping the hotel, lol, but it was actually against their policy to donate leftover food to the needy, haha~ Thankfully, the older staff ladies were helpful and helped me pack the sandwiches in napkins and none reported me, haha~

The sandwiches and pop~
One of the homeless men I met while strolling across the city looking for people to give sandwiches to~ I like this gentleman the best for his creativity and gentle manners. We communicated through gestures and he was happy enough to let me take a picture of his sign 🙂

I am grateful for staying hydrated and cool throughout the day despite all the walking around in the hot sun. I was wearing layers today, and usually I would have been very dehydrated and hot, but for some reason I was not at all. @.@ Perhaps the Lord was watching over my body’s thermostat today and helped regulate it so that I could do His work of helping the needy? ^.^

I am grateful for having access to free WiFi and computer 🙂 Yay~!

I am grateful for bumping into an acquaintance at ByWard Market~

I am grateful for my post-doc friends, lol~ Despite having PhDs, they’re still just guys and are so indirect sometimes that they make me laugh, haha~

I am grateful for a wonderful day today 🙂

Dear Lord:

Thank you for keeping me so well today. I am fed, joyous and grateful for your blessings. Thank you for the sunshine and all the kind people I met. Thank you for watching over Anthony and me.

It is almost time for me to go back to the residence. Please keep me safe while I explore the city some more alone, as everyone has already gone back to sleep 🙂 Watch over Anthony’s evening and dreams. I know he had an exhausting day today. Send him my love and let him rest 🙂

In Jesus’ name I pray and give thanks, Amen.