My Gratitude Journal: Day 221


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I am grateful for the rest that recovered me from my jetlag/fatigue from the trip~

I am grateful for being at home just in time for the work done on my bathroom windows and that things went well – only took 2 minutes~!

I am grateful for my RA, who has been responsible and kept up with work while I was away~

I am grateful for the beautiful sunny weather today. I managed to avoid the rain everywhere I went for the last couple of weeks, it seemed 🙂

I am grateful for coming home just in time to see the flowers bloom~

I am grateful for my lack of appetite today. I only have snack bars and fruits today in school, but thankfully I did not suffer much hunger pangs 🙂

I am grateful for the quiet today at school. I still feel quite tired, so I am grateful for the peace and quiet today.

I am grateful for my friend who checked up on me after I came back from the trip.

I am grateful for my post-doc friend who updated me on his plans for our lesson~

I am grateful for the opportunity to appreciate my usual happiness all the more because of my current physical state right now. Fatigue can be draining to the emotions, but I will try to keep my spirits up 🙂

Dear Lord:

I pray that You return to me my strength and motivation for the rest of the week so that i can get work done.

I pray that You strengthen my love so that I can face tomorrow with a smile.

I pray that You grant me compassion to see and help others in need.

I pray that You bless Anthony in his sleep and mine and that we have joyous dreams tonight~

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.