Happiness Needs no Comparison nor should it ever be Compared: A Story of Gratitude

affirmation-gratitude-800x450Note: I came across this article earlier this week and thought that it appeared to me at the right time. A large portion of the miseries and unhappiness in our life are self-inflicted when we unnecessarily and unfairly compare ourselves with others. As simple as it sounds, little me do believe that joy can be yours should you choose to be grateful 🙂

*The original article uses only one term to express what English would call “happiness, lucky, felicity, and blessing”. Since it’s a rough translation, I use whatever term that I feel best fits the context they were in*

That day I was accepted by a graduate program in the state institution of my dreams and happily went online to share my elation when a user by the monniker, “Blessed Individual”, suddenly caught my eye. I did not know the reason why, but my competitive side and sense of self-entitlement overcame me and urged me to compete with her.

Shamelessly, I gloated before her: “I just passed the state examination and was accepted into a graduate program, have a boyfriend who dote on me and parents with wealthy means. Could you possibly be any more blessed than I am?”

I thought to myself: She could not possibly be more “blessed” unless her level of education is more advanced and her family ground is better.

After a long while, she finally responded from the other end of the computer. She replied: “I had a car accident that took my right leg, but luckily I still have my left one. Also, because of the accident, I lost my boyfriend, only to discover that in this world there are still my parents left to love me. This is my blessing. Perhaps my blessing is insignificant in your eyes, but I truly feel very blessed.”

Her words made me feel like I had no grounds to stand on. In this fiercely competitive, bloodthirsty society, could we possibly be so childish that we had to compare “blessings” too? I apologized to her and continued the conversation for a little while longer.

It has been almost a year, and I still remember what she told me: “Blessing cannot be compared and measured. You have your own happiness; I have mine. Our blessings and joy are independent of each other.”

Yes, happiness and blessings cannot be compared and should not be made into a means for comparison. Are we luckier and more blessed simply because we are better off than others? Are we any less fortunate simply because we have less means? Peace and joy dwell in your heart; as long as you understand that we should be grateful for every little thing in our life, you already are the happiest and most blessed person on earth.

May peace, joy, and gratitude be with you 🙂