My Gratitude Diary: Day 226 (make-up!!!)


I am focused on me. I am strong. I love and am loved dearly. I am blessed. I live in success. I have 幸せ (happiness)~

I was grateful for the restful sleep I had yesterday

I was grateful for the filling brunch to last me until the dinner at the meeting yesterday

I was grateful for the right bus coming at the right time yesterday as I walked out the door 🙂

I was grateful for the bright sunny day yesterday, despite forgetting that I needed sunscreen for my legs. Thankfully, I had an overnight case prepared so I was able to use that and still had enough to last the day yesterday ^o^

I was grateful for having money to buy groceries~ I’ve been thinking about making sandwiches for the homeless for quite a while now, and finally resolved to do it. To that end, I bought a loaf of whole-grain bread and peach & passion fruit jam. I’ve a huge credit-card bill to pay this month because of the sofabed and the Ontario trip, so to be honest I was a little hesitant. I did it anyway, and was glad I did because the exact amount was returned to me on the same day. The bread cost $1.99 and the jam was $3.50. Miraculously, later, I found a toonie ($2) on an empty seat yesterday on the bus, and was given a free ride by the bus driver ($3.50), which worked out, haha ^o^ The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed~

I was grateful for the nice hapa who came all the way from the other city to see me 🙂

I was grateful for the yummy free dinner from the meeting last night, and for seeing the girls/having a fun time~ I was grateful for hearing Akira sing (what a rare feat!) and for being able to take back a Kokane for my friend, lol~ I felt so shy as everyone kept calling me cute and complimenting my skin. The owner kept praising me even though I didn’t really do anything at all~ They were all surprised that I was always in my 素顔 (sugao/naked skin) because everyone else wears makeup while I never do 🙂 Ami was also really nice to me and thought me a いい子 (ii ko/good girl) //>.<//

I was grateful for the relaxing time with my friends last night before going back to work~ I haven’t seen them in a while and so it was great to catch up and hear their stories~

I was grateful for the wonderful shift last night. It was very quiet until a long-time regular showed up and took all of us girls. He was extremely generous and it was great to end the night with a big spender~.^

I was grateful for the traffic, the train, the bus/bus drivers and the client all coming together in perfect synchrony last night to bring me back home after my late shift 🙂 I caught everything just at the right time so did not have to spend the night at my friends~

Dear Lord:

Praise You for all the miracles You granted me yesterday. I kept smiling throughout the day and was very happy 🙂

I know the sun You blessed us with was the same sun You gave Anthony, too.

Thank you for the wonderful day~

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.