Dear Lord: A Prayer

Dear Lord:

I ask that You give me strength to forgive and bless my senior labmate right now.

I just returned to my office to find that she came by and left an awful mess. The floor is littered with staples, my personal chair is pulled and modified to suit her height, the stapler is misplaced, my keyboard is pushed in, and her personal email is opened on my computer. She took the birthday candy I gave her today but ignored me completely as she walked by to go home just now.

I thank you for the peace and calm You gave me when I saw my office and for reacting in a rationale way. I just finished cleaning up my office and wiping down everything.

Please return to me my joy and give me the courage to pray for her:

I pray that You give her a safe journey home and a peaceful night.

In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.